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black fiberglass atv poles

black fiberglass flag poles

Black fiberglass whip poles

Each pole come complete with a vinyl end cap and two flag stoppers.
We have found that many customers choose to use quick mounts
so we give you the choice to order as a pole only or add a mounting bolt or bracket.Use to connect poles
Limited to quantities on hand.

Order these black fiberglass poles with or without a bolt mount

4ft black fiberglass whip

6ft black fiberglass whip

atv flag mount bolt

GLK Aluminum Quick Release

Solid 1 piece aluminum base, low profile
with lock washer, nut & thumb screw.

Available in the extremely hard to find 3/8 size!

GLK Tool and Machine has made these affordable,
high quality quick mounts by special request.




split bolt mount

split bolt mount

Split Bolt Mount

Split bolt 1 inch long, locking nut, washer, lock washer and lock nut. Special split cut into the bolts threads tightens around the fiberglass whip as the nut is tightened allowing it to be removable.
Fits fiberglass poles 1/4 and 5/16 inch sizes.

3/8 mount bolt includes 3/4 coupler, 1 inch 3/8 bolt, washer and lock washer. Designed to be permanently attached to your 3/8 fiberglass whip.



bicycle flag holder

Bicycle flag pole holder

* Works with any 1/4" - 7/16" bolt
* Colors: Galvanized silver
* Simple and Easy to install.
* Holds 1/4" diameter flag poles only.
* Mounts to any bicycle rear axle, or any bolt 7/16 of an inch or smaller.
* Flag wedges firmly into bracket.
Installation: Loosen the rear axle nut on the side of your bicycle.
Slide the bracket into place. Adjust the bracket to your desired angle,
and tighten the axle nut firmly.
This will work the same on any bolt that is 1/4 - 7/16 of an inch.


Bicycle Flag Bracket

grommet flag stoppers

Flag Stoppers

Package of 10 grommets for mounting sleeved or casing style flags to your whip.
A small dot of waterproof glue or an extra grommet can be placed if sliding occurs.
For 1/4" 5/16" and 3/8" whips.


bag of 10 stoppers
Price: $2.95


vinyl flag pole end caps

Vinyl End Caps

Vinyl End caps
Package of 5 for 1/4" 5/16" and 3/8" whips.


Price: $1.50
Package of 5


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