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Atv flags, dune flags, bicycle flags off road safety flags
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Atv flags, dune flags, custom atv, flags off road safety flags
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AditudeGear flags are available online here on our website and also at:

**Package Depot 1224 NE Walnut St Roseburg, Oregon

2022 business update:

Due to many changes in the shipping costs and market for non lighted atv poles we have decided to return to our original business plan and provide excellent quality replacement flags for the off road community. We will still strive to make the toughest, best quality flag available for our customers.

Fiberglass Poles

Fiberglass pole hardware will still be available but for the pole please go to Goodwinds Composites. Our hardware is manufactured for these size solid fiberglass rods: 1/4 parts = .250, 5/16 parts = .312, 3/8 parts = .375 Thank you for your patience and understanding while we make this transition. Many new styles for the lighted whip replacement flags will be available soon so come back often!

About Us

Aditude gear is one of the endangered species in America called independent small business. We strive to provide a good product at a good price and to provide the best customer service possible. We are proud to partner with Flappin' Flags, a Eugene Oregon based company which manufactures a very high quality line of pirate flags. They manufacturer many made in the USA flags along with some made in China, the ones we carry if they are made in China will be clearly marked. With the AditudeGear line of all constructed in the USA flags we will strive to keep the best selection possible on our Made in the USA journey. AditudeGear brand flags are constructed in the USA by me this small business owner. I try to use as many USA fabrics as possible but being a seamstress by trade and not a printer I have a very limited ability to print. Most of the fabric with prints such as Don't tread on me, military and pirate are printed in China sadly because I have found none available from the USA. We already provide all of our hardware made in the USA, fiberglass poles from Washington, mount bolts Utah, GLK Quick Mount from GLK Machine based in Missouri and assorted other parts all from USA companies.
We recycle! Don't be surprised if your package shows up in a pre-used shipping box with a variety of recycled packaging to cushion the box. Just doing our part to conserve landfill space.

My Soapbox...

We are very concerned with the disintegrating perception of off-road riders across the country. The name I chose for my company sums it up, it's all in the attitude. "A good attitude is the most important riding gear you will ever put on." Respect is an attitude and it only takes one adrenaline crazed, disrespectful rider without any common sense to ruin it for us all. Land, dune, trail closures and pure hatred of any off-road sport is rising at an epidemic rate. Common sense and basic safety!

Where we ride sand camping is allowed, many use this privilege responsibly while others leave the place trashed, don't obey the boundaries, noise or alcohol restrictions. Bad attitude. This problem is the same with off-roaders as it is in any activity, you can find the same problem in any campground, highway, or town in the USA. It has always been the duty of the responsible citizens to clean up after, police and suffer for the bad choices of the few. The biggest problem is arising in areas where off-roaders have been banned but the outlaws still persist; there is no one there to clean up after them or to help police illegal actions. If you want to know more simply do and internet search for "off-road land closure" and read the multitude of articles written from the vantage point of both sides. Its really very simple, if you want to be respected you must act with common sense and respect for others. Good attitude!

Ride hard.
Go huge. Tear up the sand. Master the mud.
Take on extreme trails but
always remember
A good attitude is the most important riding gear you will ever put on!

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