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Atv flags, dune flags, custom atv, flags off road safety flags
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For information on safety flag and riding regulations visit They have a very good list of links to individual regulation sites, events and information.
How long will my flag last?
The lifespan of a flag depends on how it is made, where it is flown, how it is cared for and in what weather conditions... and is completely impossible to judge.

By their very nature flags are perishable items. Colorfast flags WILL eventually fade. Durable outdoor flags WILL eventually be ripped to shreds. Even the strongest flag cannot survive long being flown during high winds or at high speeds. All flags, even when properly used, will end up tattered and unusable. Just as the soles of your shoes or the tires on your vehicle will wear out faster the more they are used, a flag flying at the top of a flag pole in all weathers 24 hours a day 7 days a week will wear out quickly too.

To get the most use out of your off road flag it needs to be rolled or folded up and stored in a dry dark place when not in use, allow your flag to dry after flying in the rain and don't leave it on your off road vehicle when transported in an open trailer or fly at highway speeds. Watch the corners on the 'fly' end of your flag. This is normally the first area to show signs of wear and tear. Trim off the worn hem and re-hem the end. Taken care of according to these instructions even the light polyester flags can last for years.
Even though some of the flag fabrics are UV stable it is suggested that they are sprayed often with a UV protectant, especially the Hi-Visiblilty and Neon colors as they tend to fade the quickest.

Which flag is right for me?
Choosing the right off road flag for the use it will receive is important too. Most of today's off road vehicles travel at speeds of 30 mph or over, these speeds will quickly unravel a flag not intended for this use. Our recommendation is to consider AditudeGear Mesh flags, AditudeGear SuperKnit or AditudeGear Super Tough flags all with double stitched edges, reinforced fly corners and heavier headers. The Flappin Flags screen print flags are also suitable for most off road vehicles with double layer UV resistant nylon or polyester, double stitched seams and heavy duty headers. The lightweight economy flags are good for light riding or occasional "weekenders" where the flag is not exposed to the harsh elements or to high speed wind whip.
Larger flags, 2ft X 3ft and 3ft X 5ft flags are often flown on larger vehicles, these flags make a big statement and are very visible but most are not originally intended for vehicle use and will not last very long under these extreme conditions. We have designed a new line of AditudeGear 2ft x 3ft flags more suitable for off road vehicle use. Our quality is in the details. Made with the light and flexible but tough qualities of flag weight polyester these flags are UV resistant with reinforced edges, heavy webbing header and is available for pole casing and brass grommets mounting options. Fly edge corners are double reinforced for a longer flag life.
The extreme wind whip created by the larger, heavier flag and larger, faster vehicle will fray the edges of your flag faster, grommets can pull out and whips do occasionally break.
The only flags I recommend for high speed or constant use is the AditudeGear mesh flag and the SuperKnit flags.
What about my whip?
Fiberglass whips do break, split and snap off. It's best to honestly evaluate your riding style, size of flag and vehicle to choose the right whip. 1/4" whips are the lightest and break or split easily but will last for years under easy riding conditions. 5/16" whips are stronger but will still break under aggressive riding,flying too large of a flag, impact or rollovers. 3/8" whips are even stronger, bend less and hold up better on higher speed vehicles or with larger flags. If you are looking for the "unbreakable whip" it doesn't exist, fiberglass by it's composition and nature will break with the right impact.
A good mount will also increase the life of your whip. Make sure your whip is mounted tight and correctly, a spring mount will help if you break you whip continually. Using a hand tightening quick disconnect can help out on the dunes when you break your whip, allowing you to simply take out the broken end and re-insert whip and keep on riding. The fiberglass on the whips tends to split next to the bolt or mount due to stress, just keep an eye on it and trim with a hack saw when the splitting starts. Trimming just a little when the splitting starts instead of waiting until it breaks on it's own will lead to the least length loss on your whip.

I do get some questions on the 2 piece pole; the ferrule is a slip on type that can be permanently connected with a drop of Gorilla glue or left a as a break down pole. There is usually not a problem with the whips coming apart, gravity and wind tension hold them unless you are an aggressive rider or your vehicle has a lot of vibration, a small strip of electrical tape on the loose spot solves this problem and does not leave goo behind.
How do I mount a replacement flag on my whip?
All flags can be mounted in several ways.

Casing flags:
For the lighter weight flags or flags with a flexible casing glue is my preferred method for mounting to fiberglass whips, it keeps the flag tight and smooth. Silicone based glues such as Goop brand glues are my favorite. They come under a number of names but all are basically the same, UV resistance is added to the ones made for outdoors so look for E 6000, Automotive goop, RV goop, Marine goop, Garden goop, ect... Just a tic-tac sized dot on the inside of each end of the casing will hold the flag securely but also allow it to be removed by peeling the glue from the fiberglass if you need to change your flag or whip. Super glue is not a good choice it dries to brittle and will crack and break because of the constant flexing of the fabric and fiberglass. Most waterproof silicone type glues that dry slightly flexible will do the job.
Flags with more rigid casings like the AditudeGear polyester, AditudeGear SuperKnit, AditudeGear Nylon and Flappin' Flags Atv Pennants mount well using rubber stoppers, this allows the flag to rotate on the pole with the wind. Flag stoppers are available on our gear page and similar ones can be found at most automotive and hardware stores (sold as grommets in the electrical section), look for an inside diameter slightly smaller than your whip for a tight fit and be sure to add an extra stopper at the top or a dot of silicone type glue above the stopper on the pole to keep it from sliding off of your pole under stress. Hog rings are sometimes used too and work best on rubberized or plastic coated flags that won't slip on your whip.

**When mounting a replacement flag to a specialty pole such as a lighted led whip please refer to the manufacturer instructions to prevent damage.**

Metal grommet flags
Mounting brass grommet flags to small fiberglass whips and keeping them secure poses a bit of a challenge as this type of flag was originally designed to fly on a larger stationary pole. The methods I suggest for fiberglass poles is flag clips, don't forget the glue or extra rubber pole stoppers to keep the flag from sliding and bunching up or flying off of your pole. Clip kits for various sizes of poles are available on the gear page or heavy duty zip ties which are included in most AditudeGear brand flags can be used. When mounting with zip ties use a strong tie, at least a 120lb rating suggested, and a couple of rubber stoppers or a dot of glue on the inside of the ties to deep them from slipping. Apply a little silicone type glue to the end of the tie for added strength. There are other flag clips available mostly through marine stores or specialty websites that can also be used but most are made for larger poles.

These items are sold without warranty, expressed or implied except for quality of construction.
No warranty or representation is made as to any product's ability to protect the user from accident or injury.
The user/purchaser assumes that risk.

Because of the extreme variety of uses and causes of any failure AditudeGear flags and poles will be considered on an individual basis for replacement within 60 days after purchase. After 60 days NO REFUNDS or REPLACEMENTS.

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