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Atv flags, led whip flags, safety flags

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High visibility and SuperKnit flags in action on a Starlight LED whip.
Thanks to the customer that took the time to send us these great pics and an awesome video.

3/8 whip with CB antenna adaptor bolt and a mesh pennant.
Thanks to the customer that took the time to let us know how these hold up in extreme conditions we just don't get here in southern Oregon.

"As promised, attached is a picture (high resolution) of your mast/flag installed on my snowmobile with a barrel spring. Feel free to use any way you wish.

The season will close-out soon with about 3,000 miles on the installation with only the tip of the pennant showing tear wear from hitting too many branches.
I'll probably shorten the mast a bit next season."

Anonymous customer

SuperKnit flags in action

Here are a couple of pics and a short video from a customer along with an email he sent:(used by permission)

”I just bought two of your Premium SuperKnit OffRoad Flags with 4’ x3/8" poles. I mounted them to my truck and off I went. The truck tops out at about 55 MPH and the flags held up just fine. I understand that as with any flag it will wear out but they are the best I’ve used to date.


Thanks for the pics retro, what a fun ride!

The right fabric for the job...

The SuperKnit fabric flags pictured above are one of the few flags I will recommend for highway vehicle use along with the Mesh flags, High Visibility and Cordura AditudeGear flags. Below are some pics and descriptions of flags tested in actual highway use on an everyday driven Jeep on a variety of roads from city streets to freeway.

Below is a mesh pennant on my Jeep Cherokee driven about every day for 3 months and 3300 miles! No other fabric has even come close to matching the toughness of this fabric. Along with being a tough and fray resistant fabric the flow through design of the fabric creates far less drag, easier on gas mileage, your whip and flag. Even though this is a mesh the fabric it is dense enough and bright enough to stand out even from a far distance.

I finally retired this flag at over 6000 miles, still fully intact. The only damage was a slight color dimming but still bright orange.

High Visibility Pennant testing

Below are pics of a HighVisibility orange pennant flown on my Jeep Cherokee every day driver. These two pics are after 3 months in the summer sun and over 1000 miles, many of those miles at highway speeds of 60 to 70 MPH. The color is slightly faded on the fly end but not one thread is frayed and it is a little dirty but I guess I would be too if I had sat on top of my Jeep all summer! This flag is still flying on my Jeep so I will update later.

High Visibility orange flag on Jeep Cherokee   High Visibility flag test

Vinyl laminated fabric (Plasti-Cloth)

We don't use this fabric, I just wanted to show the difference the right fabric makes.

This ATV flag is made of a laminated fabric called Plasti-Cloth, the industry standard for outdoor pennants.
This fabric is used for many types of flags including off road pennants. After only 150 miles of mixed off road and highway use it is almost destroyed. Again this is above and beyond what should be expected of a cut edge flag.
I would not recommend this fabric be used for any vehicle that travels over 20mph. These plasti-cloth fabric flags are found on most low price ATV and Bicycle flags and do last well on low speed vehicles.

Bill flying his 911 memorial scooter flag.

Fair Booth Pics

Flags make for the brightest booth at any fair!

Fun Pics

We don't work all of the time...gotta go riding once in a while!

The whole gang at Winchester Bay

This is the guy who inspired the flag "Danger vehicle may become airborne without warning"
As you see he has no flag... therefore the danger with no warning!

Someone caught me stuck in a hole while playing on the beach at Horsefall

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