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Atv flags, dune flags, bicycle flags, safety flags
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Atv flags, bicycle flags, safety flags
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AditudeGear Off Road & ATV Flags
Designed for the tough demands of today's faster off-road vehicles.


3 x 5 Black Pirate Don't Tread on Me Pirate Flag

Black pirate dont tread on me flag

Highway tested solid color flags
Made in The USA

Looking for a flag to have printed for your club or organization?
100% polyester poplin flag blanks take screen print or heat applied vinyl very well.
Quantity discounts available.

orange blank safety flag yelllow blank safety flag  printer blank flags

AditudeGear & Flappin' Flags Originals
SuperTough Constructed In The USA Flags

American ATV Flag racing checker atv flag
Pirate atv flag

High Visibility Flags & Pennants
Made in The USA

High visibility orange atv flag High visibility yellow atv flag
Hi-Vis printer blank atv flags

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flag sale flag sale orange camo atv pennant

Featured Historical Flag

While quantities last

Historical flag, An Appeal To Heaven

Washington Cruisers An Appeal To Heaven Flag

There are some slogans associated with the American Revolution that are powerfully evocative even today. Phrases like "All men are created equal," "Give me Liberty or give me Death," and "Don't tread on me" are part of our national heritage, and they are well known and easily understood by present-day Americans. Some other slogans of the Revolution, however, don't have the same resonance in the 21st century that they did in the 18th century.
One slogan that was popular early in the Revolutionary era was "An Appeal to Heaven." Even though the famous "pine tree" flag that features this slogan is still widely recognized as a symbol of the Revolution, the meaning of the words "An Appeal to Heaven" isn't obvious to most modern-day Americans. To understand these words we must go back in time to the 17th century and to other, earlier political events that shaped the way British subjects thought about government and individual rights.
During the 17th century there was a series of conflicts in Britain between Parliament and the Crown, and this caused British scholars to think and write a great deal about the nature of government and the limits of royal power. John Locke (1632-1704) was the most important of these political philosophers. In 1689-90 he published his "Second Treatise of Government," which says: …where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven, whenever they judge the cause of sufficient moment. This quote is part of Locke's justification for the overthrow of Britain's King James II, who was removed from power in 1688, an event known as the "Glorious Revolution." Locke's "appeal to heaven" is not about prayer; it is about direct political action. Locke argues that people have rights that cannot be infringed upon by the government and that rebellion is justified if it is to defend those rights.
As American colonists increasingly came into conflict with the British government during the 1760s and 1770s, Locke's words became an inspiration to many patriots. After all, if the Glorious Revolution was justified as a defense against tyranny, didn't the American Revolution have the same justification?
The slogan "An Appeal to Heaven" is less dramatic than "Give me Liberty or give me Death," but in its own way it is equally forceful and evocative. It is a call to action couched in the words of a philosopher rather than a politician.

Source: History Is Fun

Multi-Use Safety Flags
Marker Flags

Safety flag Marker flag
Orange Mesh flag Orange Mesh Safety flag

Large Off Road Flags

checker sand rail flag
smiley face side by side flag Checker sand rail Flag


Fiberglass Poles and Hardware

Flag stoppers, mount bolts, quick mounts, pole end caps

fiberglass atv flag pole fiberglass whip flag pole
atv quick mount

New Made in the USA prints from Flappin' Flags

Zombie Atv Flag Pirate atv flag

AditudeGear flags are available online here on our website and also at:

**Our mini showroom in Package Depot 1224 NE Walnut ST Roseburg, Oregon

**#1 Stop Sports Shop 2150 Winchester Avenue Reedsport, Oregon

Read about our
Made in the USA journey,
as we strive to offer Made In America Products including Oregon's own Flappin' Flags brand,
GLK Aluminum quick mounts and our poles and parts Made in the USA!
You are sure to find just the right flag for your RV, Toy Hauler, quad, sand rail, dune buggy, baja, motorcycle, dirt bike, Side by Side, UTV, ATV, Rhino, Jeep, 4 X 4 or any other dune or off road runner.
Fly one of our safety flags on your ATV, UTV, side by side, bicycle, boat, scooter, wheel chair, bike trailer, boat, yacht, golf cart or truck.
Available in many sizes, shapes and materials.
Please check back often for all your off road safety flag needs.

For information on safety flag and dune flag regulations visit They have a very good list of links to individual regulation sites, events and information.

These items are sold without warranty, expressed or implied except for quality of construction.
No warranty or representation is made as to any product's ability to protect the user from accident or injury.
The user/purchaser assumes that risk.

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